If you feed hay to your animals by throwing it to them in a field, take a look at how easy it is to unload and disperse the hay by using a Haulit Trailer.

In the video below, we load 8 large hay bales onto the Haulit Trailer, for easy transport and delivery.


The Haulit Trailer is a heavy duty pallet & bulk material delivery and utility trailer. Built for the growing necessity of handling smaller order deliveries, the durability and versatility of this trailer is being used from construction sites, landscape suppliers, to farms.

With a 14K lb axle rating, remote operated live floor and hydraulic lift, feeding and dispersing hay to your livestock just got easier! Save time by eliminating the number of trips you take to the field.

For a complete view of the Haulit Specs, please visit our SPECS SHEET.

To more videos of how the Haulit in use, take a look at our HAULIT VIDEO LIBRARY.

“I love that my wife can load up the hay and get it to the animals without any extra help but the trailer!”

“Using this trailer has saved us time, manpower, and the need for extra equipment when unloading!”

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