Maximizing Pallet Delivery Profits & Solving the CDL Driver Shortage

With declining order sizes, escalating delivery costs and regulations, and a shortage of CDL Drivers, a small load pallet delivery system is necessary to increase profitability and productivity.  The Haulit Trailer is a heavy duty pallet delivery and utility trailer that allows you to haul and unload pallets and bulk goods without a forklift or a CDL.  The Haulit Trailer comes in a bumper pull or goose neck configuration and has a tilt bed with a chain driven push off mechanism (live floor) which allows you unload the trailer without the need for a forklift or any physical labor.

Automation is revolutionizing our society. Customer demand is driving Curb side pickup and home delivery.  This is no exception with palletized goods like sod, super sack bagged products of all types, hardscape supplies, trees and bushes, bulk landscape supplies and anything that can be stacked and placed on pallets.

On any given day, huge tractor trailer rigs carrying piggyback forklifts, 21ft multi axle straight trucks with forklifts hanging off the back, and cheap tongue pulled cargo trailers of all configurations, clog our highways.  “CDL Drivers Wanted” signs are everywhere, begging for drivers looking for wages of more than $75,000 per year.  Yet there is an estimated 60,000 CDL driver shortage which is expected to Triple by 2026.

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Haulit Empowers the Last Mile.  Tractor/Trailer rigs have their place on the “Long Mile”; hauling goods from the Producer to the Warehouse or Yard.  Haulit was invented to service the “LAST MILE”!  Once pallets have been staged at a yard or warehouse the Haulit can be used as an efficient way to deliver to the last mile without using a forklift or a large truck/trailer configuration.

There is nothing like the Haulit on the market.  Numerous Haulit owners are making as many as 7 small deliveries in a single day within a 20-mile radius.  One Haulit owner delivered over 70,000 square feet of sod in a week profiting over $14,000.

The setup cost for a Pickup Truck and Delivery Trailer is less than half that of a Straight Truck or a third of the cost of a Semi Truck and Forklift.  And when comparing the operating cost per hour, fuel use, curb time and estimated trips per day, you can easily see how a Pickup Truck and Heavy Duty Pallet Delivery Trailer is an efficient way to increase profitability and efficiency.

When comparing the hourly cost of operating a Truck, Trailer and Lift compared with a Pickup Truck and Haulit Trailer you see how much money is lost by not choosing the Haulit option.  We estimated the operating costs including equipment, labor, maintenance, fuel, insurance, G&A, and miscellaneous costs.  The total operating costs per hour using a Truck/Trailer/Lift configuration is $97.82 compared to a Pickup Truck and Haulit costing $40.41.  And with the CDL Driver Shortage the labor cost involved in operating a Truck/Trailer/Lift will continue to increase.

Haulit saves and makes money. When configured properly Haulit requires NO COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE.  Haulit can make 5 to 10 deliveries per day, higher gross and higher net profit compared to 1 to 3 deliveries with more technical/cumbersome equipment.  And unloading 4 pallets from a Haulit Trailer takes less than 5 minutes compared to 30 minutes to unload a forklift, unload pallets, and loading the forklift again.  Time is money!

Now let’s take a look at some case studies.  These different deliveries prove the profitability of the Haulit Trailer.

For a delivery of 3 pallets of sod from Tremonton, Utah to Elko, Nevada revenue using a Truck/Trailer/Forklift is $504.  Using a Hot Shot Truck (without a forklift) the revenue would be $769.  Using a Haulit the revenue would be $1020, more than double the revenue of a Semi Truck.

Portland Rock & Landscape Supply began using a Haulit Trailer and increased the amount of deliveries they were able to make from 4 to 7.  Since the Haulit costs less to operate than a semi and a forklift and with the increase in the delivery quantity they increased their profitability by more than 4 times.

Teton Trees moves their 25 gallon trees out to the field daily for watering.  Using the Haulit Trailer to move the trees around 3 different fields has decreased their labor requirements and the time it takes to move the trees.   The Arborman Haulit has streamlined their operations.  Check out this video showing how Teton Trees uses their Haulit Trailer.

Haulit need not compete for CDL drivers.  The Haulit driver pool can come from 4/10ers; fireman (who when hired at age 20 are required to retire at age 45) and policemen (looking for a simpler / safer line of work).  Driving Haulit equipment requires little training and provides an excellent training ground for anyone wanting to earn their CDL Driver’s License.

Haulit Delivery Equipment is located across the United States.  Those who share our vision know that Haulit is revolutionizing small unit deliveries.  Haulit is a heavy duty pallet delivery and utility trailer and is saving money, increasing sales volume at higher prices and driving more bottom line net profit.

Look into the Haulit today.  You will be glad you did!  For more information please call us at 435-257-4736 or email us at