Here is a full list of the Specifications for the Haulit Trailers.  Call us at 435-257-4736 to discuss options and other information.

Haulit Model # Deliveryman Workhorse Nurseryman Arborman Gooseneck
Pallet Capacity 2 3 4 4 Varies
Bulk Capacity 4 yds. * 6 yds. * 8 yds. * Varies
AXLES 2 2 2 3 2
AXLE RATING 14K 14K 14K 21K 14K
Heavy Duty 3/16″ Steel X X X X X
Electric Brakes
Chain Driven Extraction X X X X X
# of Pushoff Bars 4 6 8 16 6
Extraction Rating System Rating 12K 12K 12K 17K 12K
Hydraulic Lift Rating 10K 10K 10K 10K 10K
Cargo Capacity 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs. 17000 lbs. 10500 lbs.
Remote Control X X X X X
Rechargeable Electric System X X X X X
R.A.M. Tongue Lift Jack X X X X X
LED DOT Compliant Lighting X X X X X
Rear Barn Safety Doors X X X X X
Powder Coat Finish X X X X X
Light Weight 3320 lbs. 4885 lbs. 6250 lbs. 6660 lbs. 5200 lbs.
Cargo Hold 117″x72″ 162″x72″ 219″x72″ 228″x72″ 162″x72″
Dimensions Overall 187″x97″ 233″x97″ 291″x97″ 300″x102″ 336″x97″
Gooseneck X X X X X
Tarp System X X X X X
Custom Paint (Fenders & Carriage) X X X X X
Extra Pushoff Bar Kit (1 Bar, 2 Brackets) X X X X X

* Bulk capacity is by volume, not weight. Overloading the weight in the trailer will void all warranties.