The Haulit is a Pallet Delivery Trailer that Increases Profits

A study of a sod supplier who started making small order deliveries with the Haulit Utility Trailer showed that, not only did they increase sales, they charged an increased price per pallet, drove down the cost of delivery while increasing delivery fees.  They cut unloading delivery time by at least 68%.  The Haulit was easier to maneuver in smaller city streets than a straight truck and forklift or semi and forklift.  No CDL  was required for the Haulit delivery drivers.  This opened up a new pool of delivery drivers like women, retirees, policemen, and firemen.

Look below to see numbers with a specific case study.

Increase Sales By 750,000 Square Feet

One sod supplier decided to take more small order deliveries.  1-4 pallet deliveries had been a challenge because it was not cost efficient to deliver that quantity to a customer using a Straight Truck/Forklift or a Semi Truck/Trailer/Forklift.  In addition, both methods required a CDL Driver and it was hard to maneuver in ever shrinking city streets.  Many sod farms have shied away from small order delivery because they lost money when making small order deliveries.  Oft times the profit from the sod was wiped away because of the loss from trucking.

This sod supplier purchased a Haulit Trailer and started accepting small order deliveries.  For two consecutive years they sold 750,000 square feet (17.22 Acres) of additional sod.

You Can Increase Net Profit by over $250,000

Workhorse Haulit - 3 Pallet, Self Unloading, Heavy Duty Delivery SystemAcross the nation Sod Farms are generally selling sod between $.19 to $.28 per square foot for Farm Pickup.  If you are selling sod at farm prices and start accepting small orders selling them at Retail Prices you can INCREASE YOUR PROFIT BY AT LEAST $250,000.  This doesn’t include the extra money you would charge for a deliver fee (average of $50-$100 per drop) or $100 – $200 per load.

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You Can Cut Equipment Costs By 48-70% and Operating Expenses by 50-60%

To purchase a Semi Truck/Trailer/Forklift Combo it would cost you around $190,000.  A Straight Truck/Forklift Combo will cost you around $120,000.  A Pickup Truck with a Haulit Trailer averages around $57,000.  In addition to having a lower equipment cost, operating expenses on 1-4 pallet deliveries are less than half that of a Semi Truck with a Forklift.  Haulit Trailers do not require a CDL in most states, are quicker to load and unload, and are much easier to maneuver around ever shrinking neighborhoods and city streets.  Also, your driver pool will expand as you can include firemen, policemen, retirees, women and 4/10ers as Haulit Delivery Drivers.

For more information on how we came up with these numbers click here to read more on Haulit Economics.

Increased Sales, Increased Profit, Decreased Cost – No Brainer!

We would love to learn more about your sod operation and figure up the numbers specifically for your farm.  We can discuss how to increase your price on small pallet deliveries, how to maximize the efficiencies of your equipment and labor, and how long it would take you to recoup your investment.  We would love to learn whether the Haulit Trailer is right for you!

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