Introducing our Heavy Duty Gooseneck Tilt Deck
Haulit Trailer, now for sale!

While shopping for a tilt deck trailer, you might be considering if you should get the Gooseneck version for your Haulit Trailer? Adding on the gooseneck option to a trailer is not suited for everyone due to vehicle towing abilities and capacities, however, for those that do have the ability, having a gooseneck option serves a great function and purpose in fulfilling the needs of having and using one.

Here are some of the benefits to having the heavy duty gooseneck option to your tilt deck trailer to help you better decide which option might be best for you.

Improved Load Transfer and Weight Distribution with a Gooseneck Trailers

When loaded correctly, a gooseneck trailer provides better load transfer and weight distribution to the tow vehicle. This means that a significant amount of the trailers weight is transferred and distributed through the tongue because of its direct position over the tow vehicles rear axle. For Gooseneck trailers, approximately 20% of the weight will be safely transferred. Keep in mind the total weight of the trailer should now exceed the GVWR.

Stability Increased in Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck trailers are larger in size than a bumper pull trailer. Because of the size and location of the hitch connection, when loaded properly, gooseneck trailers experience higher levels of stability and control. The connection point and distribution and transfer or load weight also reduces the risk of swaying and vibration from wind, slight jerky movements or if the trailer hits a bump or pothole. Increased stability provides better overall operator control, especially on winding roads.

Significantly Better Maneuverability with Gooseneck Trailer vs Bumper Pull

When pulling any trailer, maneuverability is always a concern. With a gooseneck trailer, the tongue of the gooseneck is located closer to the center of the truck which allows for a much smaller turn radius. This increases safety and overall abilities for the driver to cut sharper corners, turn around and experience significantly better maneuverability.

Smooth load and unload transition with Gooseneck Trailer

The unique chain driven mechanism and hydraulic lift system in each Haulit trailer results in a very smooth transition of loading and unloading pallets, equipment or bulk material. With a gooseneck trailer it’s an even smoother experience. The transferred weight disbursement makes loading and unloading a breeze and hardly even felt by the vehicle towing. With a bumper pull, you will notice the pull weight, sway, and weight capacity of the trailer.

More Space & More Weight capacity with a Gooseneck!

With our squared off bulkhead gooseneck you have more usable bed space on your trailer! Because of the better weight distribution you are also able to haul more weight.

Less Borrowing and Stealing

If you own a trailer, I’m sure you’ve lent it out to family, friends, or even neighbors. Owning a trailer is a huge asset, and not everyone has the space to store them or vehicles to pull them with. By having the gooseneck option, not only will there be less borrowing, but there is also a much smaller risk of it being stolen because of the hitch system.

Haulit Gooseneck Trailer Dimensions and Specifications

Condition:  New

Year:  2019

Manufacturer:  Diamondback Manufacturing “Home of the Haulit”

Model: GW14K16, Gooseneck can be built on to ***Haulit Trailer: Workhorse, Nurseryman, or Arborman 

Dimensions:  See Full Haulit Gooseneck Specs Sheet. 

Floor Length: See Full Haulit Gooseneck Specs Sheet. 

Light Weight: 5,200 lbs


Finish:  Superior Powder Coating. Etched Primer and Topcoat for a Protective Finish and long lasting durability. 

Side Panels:  Tubular heavy 3/16” steel frame with stake pockets and tie down rail. 18” or 24” side panels

Steel:  Heavy Duty 3/16’ Steel

Axles: 2- 7,000 lbs torsion axles

Wheel: 235/80 R16 10 ply Load Range E 

Lights: Encased and Protected L.E.D. DOT Compliance, Stop, Turn,Tail and Clearance top of the line, brake, 

Electrical Plug: 7 way round

Hitch Type: Adjustable Channel Style Coupler

Breakaway system: DOT compliant, battery breakaway backup

Tongue:  Integrated with trailer framework 

Side Rails: 6”x 2”x 1/8” Rectangular Tubing with Stake Pocket Tie Down Rails

Jack: R.A.M. Tongue lift

Flooring: heavy duty steel 3/16” plate 

Frame: Pan Frame/ Tubular Frame processed through pan hand of main frame 

Brakes: Electric drum

Suspension: Torsion axles 

Live Floor:  Winch driven live floor Chain driven extraction, wireless remote control operated electric.

Tilt Deck System:  Wireless remote Hydraulic Lift Rated at 10,000lbs

Safety Chain: Standard

Rear Doors: Barn doors with safety latch and pins to keep open or closed, as well as a tippable beavertail option allowing you to eliminate the use of ramps. 

Cargo Capacity: 10,500lbs on a Workhorse Model. See complete specs sheet for other model cargo capacities

Pallet Delivery Capacity: 2 Pallet, 3 Pallet, or 4 Pallet options

For a complete list of specs on the Gooseneck Trailer Options with all of the Haulit Models, please visit our COMPLETE SPECS sheet. 

Trusted utility trailer manufacturers know to look out for the end user and only put out quality products that will be built to last and hold up to the demands of the job.  Our manufacturers at Diamondback Manufacturing have been fabricating quality, heavy duty equipment trailers for more than 25 years. They use the best heavy duty steel, professional manufacturing and superior craftsmanship.

Whether you’re hauling equipment, pallets, or bulk materials, having a heavy duty tilt deck gooseneck on your Haulit trailer is sure to help you get the job done!