We headed to Tri City Nursery to see how they are using the Haulit Trailer to increase their profits and sell more nursery goods. This heavy duty pallet delivery utility trailer is equipped with a tilt bed and a chain driven push off mechanism which allows you to unload without a forklift or any hand labor.

The Haulit Trailer is either a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer. It comes in lengths 10, 14, or 18′ cargo holds to allow up to 4 pallets to be delivered in one trip. The chain driven push off mechanism is operated by means of a wireless remote. With the barn door safety gate and the optional tarp mechanism you can safely secure a load with ease.

To see how the Haulit trailer is used to move 25 Gallon Trees check out this video.

Click here to see the Haulit unload 7 yards of topsoil.

For more information about the Haulit Trailer contact us at info@gvhaulit.com or 435-257-4736.