Lumber deliveries are made easy using the heavy duty Haulit Pallet Delivery trailer. Using a ratchet strap makes it easy to haul and unload extra long loads. Watch as we unload 2 bunks of lumber off the Workhorse Haulit without using a forklift.

The Workhorse Haulit has a 14′ cargo hold and can haul over 9000#s. The tilt bed and chain driven push off mechanism allows for easy unload at the push of the button on a remote control. You do not need a forklift to unload this trailer!!

The Haulit is a heavy duty pallet delivery trailer is versatile and can unload pallets, bulk goods, soil, and bagged goods without a forklift.

Check out this video which shows how easy it is to unload loose wood from the Haulit Pallet Delivery Trailer.

And this video discusses the difference between using a Haulit Delivery Trailer and a Dump Trailer.

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