The Haulit is a Pallet Delivery Trailer that Increases Profits

A study of several farms that started making small order deliveries with the Haulit Utility Trailer showed that, not only did they increase sales, they charged an increased price per pallet, drove down the cost of delivery while increasing delivery fees.  They cut unloading delivery time by at least 68%.  The Haulit was easier to maneuver in smaller city streets than a straight truck and forklift or semi and forklift.  No CDL  was required for the Haulit delivery drivers.  This opened up a new pool of delivery drivers like women, retirees, policemen, and firemen.

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Here are the basic Specifications for the Haulit Trailers.  The Haulit is a Heavy Duty Pallet Delivery and Utility Trailer that can unload without a forklift or any labor.
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Haulit Model # Deliveryman Workhorse Nurseryman Arborman
Pallet Capacity 2 3 4 4
Bulk Capacity 4 yds. * 6 yds. * 8 yds. *
AXLES 2 2 2 3
Heavy Duty 3/16″ Steel X X X X
Electric Brakes X X X X
Chain Driven Extraction X X X X
Cargo Capacity 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs. 17000 lbs.
Light Weight 3320 lbs. 4885 lbs. 6250 lbs. 6660 lbs.
Cargo Hold 117″x72″ 162″x72″ 219″x72″ 228″x72″
Dimensions Overall 187″x97″ 233″x97″ 291″x97″ 300″x102″
Gooseneck X X X X

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With declining order sizes, escalating delivery costs and regulations, and a shortage of CDL Drivers, a small load pallet delivery system is necessary to increase profitability and productivity.  The Haulit Trailer is a heavy duty pallet delivery and utility trailer that allows you to haul and unload pallets and bulk goods without a forklift or a CDL.  The Haulit Trailer comes in a bumper pull or goose neck configuration and has a tilt bed with a chain driven push off mechanism (live floor) which allows you unload the trailer without the need for a forklift or any physical labor.

To learn more about the economics of the Haulit click this link: Haulit Economics

Want to buy now?  We have several purchase options available.  With several different financing options we can help you get up and running quickly.

Option I:      2% discount when you pay upfront.

Option II:     50% down before production, 50% down upon completion.

Option III:    No Money Down, 12 – 60 Month Terms.

Option IV:     Baker’s Dozen Plan:  13 Monthly Payments.

Haulit Heavy Duty Pallet Delivery Trailer Financing Options.

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Here are some of the great comments our customers are saying about the Haulit Pallet Delivery Trailer:

“The newest innovation in the sod industry since the invent of the Automatic Sod Stacker.”

”  I saved 288 hours in wait time alone between April and November; a $34,000 savings!”

” My LTL business thrives because of the Haulit®.”

” The most important sales tool we’ve got.  So easy to operate that even a boy (or girl) can do it!”

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